How Personalized Gifts Strengthen Client Relationships

How Personalized Gifts Strengthen Client Relationships

Aug 23rd 2023

As a realtor, your job goes beyond buying or selling properties. You create memorable experiences for your clients and provide them with exceptional service. You spend so much time with your clients before the closing, learning about their careers, interests, and hobbies. At Resonate Gift Marketing Co., we believe that personalization stands out now more than ever.

Last week, we highlighted our automated gift campaigns where you can enroll your clients in a campaign that includes 3, 5, or 7 touch points (gifts) over a 1 to 2 year span after the closing. Although this is an automated process, you get to select from our 13 unique gift set options and include a personalized, handwritten note. Additionally, some gifts allow for even more personalization, like adding a name or initial engraving to the item.

Don't feel like your client fits into one of our pre-built gift campaigns? No problem! We are happy to work with you to build a unique gift campaign tailored to your clients. Email for more information.

In a competitive market, the thoughtful gesture of a personalized gift can set you apart and keep you top of mind with your clients, but don't just believe us! ERA Courtyard Realtor, Jilian Gardner says, "I can see the people who are receiving the gifts are referring me more and more, without me having to cold call them and ask for referrals."