Frequently Asked Questions

How does Resonate’s “Gift Marketing Service” work?


Getting started is super easy.


1. Select the number of gifts and select the gift set you want to schedule for your client.
2. Personalize the gift specific for each client.
3. Fill out your clients information (address, closing date, etc.)
4. Save to cart to add another client or checkout.

Your gifts are scheduled and you will be notified each time a delivery is shipped!

When will the gifts be delivered?


The delivery schedules change based on the quantity of gifts being scheduled and the closing date for your clients. You can see our pre-set delivery schedules here


What is included with each gift?


- High Quality Gift
- Handwritten note (Sample messages here)
- Your Branding on the gift label
- Personalization of Custom Gifts
- Email notification of each delivery
- Your return address on shipping label (as if being sent by you!)

Are the gifts branded?


Once you place your first order, we will get in touch in order to gather the info you want placed on your labels (Photo/logo, name, contact info, etc.)


What if I need to edit my branding on the labels (Change brokerages, new photo, etc)?


Simple, just send us a message  or email with the changes you need made!


What is written on the hand written cards that go with each delivery?


You can see the templates for our handwritten cards here


What if I am enrolling clients who haven’t closed on a home recently?


Just include this in the order notes and we'll make sure the messaging is appropriate on the notes. 


Can I order gifts in bulk to give to clients?


Of course! Just send us a message or email and we will be happy to put together some options and pricing for you.


Will I be able to see the future deliveries scheduled for each of my clients?


Yes, we will be sending a monthly email that will show you all of the clients you have enrolled in our service. You will be able to easily see the gifts that have been delivered and the upcoming deliveries as well.


What happens if I enroll a client and they move or I need to cancel their remaining gifts?


We know things change and we can easily adjust your deliveries for you. If your client moves or you decide to cancel the remaining gifts scheduled for them, we will credit your account for the remaining deliveries to be used towards future orders. Simply send us a message or email with the name of the client and changes needed.

What about delivery schedules? When do you send the gifts?


You can click here to view our delivery schedules. Our goal is to send our gifts during at relationally important times that both express gratitude for their business and generate opportunities for referrals. Each time we ship a gift on your behalf, we will notify you to remind you of the delivery details (client, gift sent, purpose, etc.).

The delivery schedule changes throughout the year based on the closing date of your clients. We spread out the gift deliveries to ensure you stay top-of-mind and increase the thoughtfulness of the gifts!