Your clients are too valuable to neglect after the closing. 

Between showing houses, managing current clients, and other urgent needs…no wonder engaging with past clients is overwhelming!

Save yourself time and generate referrals with our automated gift campaigns.

Marketing Expense

Increase Referrals

Engage with Past Clients

You want to stay connected to past clients.

We want to help.

• Our customers average one referral per client enrolled.
• Gift campaigns are more impactful than cold calls.
• Clients remember the way you make them FEEL.

How Our Gift Marketing Campaigns Work

Select a Gift Campaign that fits your client.

Fill in Client Details &

Gift Personalization.

Your gifts are scheduled, and you'll be notifed each time a delivery is sent!

"My past clients who are receiving gifts from Resonate are referring me more and more without me having to cold call them and ask for referrals!"

- Jilian G.