Why use our Annual Subscription service?

  • Surprised &
    Delighted Clients

    Each year we offer new gifts and new delivery dates to keep your clients surprised by the gift and delighted by the thoughtfulness!

  • Automated Deliveries

    Our service takes care of the work for you, sending personalized gifts with a handwritten note on your behalf – notifying you each time we ship a gift for you.

  • Referrals & Retention

    Our service is proven to result in social media posts and phone calls from clients – leading to increased referrals and retention! It is at least 5X less costly to retain and generate referrals from past clients than it is to get new clients.

About Our Service

We understand how difficult it can be to create meaningful contact with past clients when there are so many urgent tasks with upcoming closings. Our Annual Subscription service creates personal and memorable touches between you and your clients so that you can focus on the needs of your current clients. Allow us to take care of the planning, personalization, and delivery of touches that have been proven to create a massive return.

“Using Resonate Gifts Annual Subscription Service to create meaningful contact with past and potential clients several times a year has amped my referral rate exponentially. By focusing marketing dollars on strengthening the relationships I already have, I get more business from my existing database.”– Wes Gilley, Realtor

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2020 Gift Details

  • brew-bread-mix-82691.1585060728.jpg

    Holiday Beer Bread Mix

    Your clients are going to swiftly devour this incredible beer bread mix. They simply add a can of beer (or club soda), mix and pop it in the oven! It is a interactive and memorable gift that will have your clients raving about your thoughtfulness to everyone in their home over the Holidays!  

  • coasters.jpg

    Monogrammed Marble Coasters

    Our marble coasters are hand crafted and finished with an inlaid brass monogram. Not only will your clients love the coasters, but all of their guests will be sure to notice and ask about them too (referrals, woohoo)!

  • ice-cream-sundae-set-w-customization-43437.1586461992.jpg

    Personalized Ice Cream Sundae Set 

    Our Ice Cream Sundae Gift Set comes with a personalized ice cream scoop, sprinkle spoons, and a recipe for making homemade hot fudge. Your clients will be reminded of your thoughtfulness every time they scoop out their favorite ice cream!

2020 Annual Subscription Packages

  • Select 1-Gift (3 Options)

    • Personalized Ice Cream Sundae Set ($29.95)
    • Holiday Beer Bread Mix ($24.99)
    • Monogrammed Marble Coaster Set ($44.99)
  • Gold Package (2-Gifts)

    • Fall Beer Bread Mix (Halloween 2020)
    • Personalized Ice Cream Sundae Set (Holidays 2020)


  • Platinum Package (2-Gifts)

    • Fall Beer Bread Mix (Halloween 2020)
    • Monogrammed Coasters (Holidays 2020)

How to Enroll Clients

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